The Data Center Direct App Cloud: unleash your killer app

Your application is mission critical for your customers. They depend on the innovative functionality that delivers value to their business. Are you giving them the best platform for your app? Can they access their critical data from anywhere at anytime from any mobile device? Is your killer app optimized? With the Data Center Direct App Cloud you can unleash the potential of your app and your customers can unleash the full potential of their business.

The DCD App Cloud means you don’t have to incur the costs of new hardware and upgrades, and no need to support user installations. Because your App Cloud is hosted in our secure state of the art Tier III data center on the internet backbone of Indianapolis, app performance is optimized. And your App Cloud is scalable so it can grow as your app grows. All of this means you can focus on developing your killer app, while we focus on unleashing its potential.

the DCD App Cloud for your customers means that they don’t have to worry about loading your software onto any local systems, and they will be able to access your app from anywhere at anytime from any device. With the DCD App Cloud local memory usage is minimized and app performance is dramatically improved. This means your customers can do more with your app, which means your app is more valuable to your customers.

Take your killer app for a Cloud Test Drive today and experience your app unleashed.